Barrel Racing – Supplement for Recovery and Performance

All of you must have seen horse and cattle show in your childhood with your parents. Horse and cattle show always seems fascinating to children even adults. However, is anyone ever thought that how difficult is this to train a horse to play with a cow in the show? Not every horse is so smart to learn all the tips and tricks about anticipating a cow’s movement or become a good partner. Intense body care, supplements, and hard work are essential for training a horse for the show.

What is Reining and Cow Horses?

A reined horse or reining are the special techniques that the horse learned with the help of a master like spins and rollbacks, sliding stops, and speedy changes in every direction. On the other side, cow horse is a horse that is skilled in working with cattle’s herd. The cow horse is not just trained in moving the cattle herd, but he can split a single animal for a specific class to move it to desired position or spot. Therefore, the reined cow horse is trained to do both tasks.

Is reined cow horse can take part in Competitions?

In the United States and Australia, reined cow horses are still using for a purpose to work in large farms, but today most of them are trained to play a part in the competitions. A horse is considered eligible for the competition if he fulfills the necessary criteria, i.e., cow work, reining, and herd work. Each type of skill requires a different kind of task as herd work is about separating a cow from herd same as cow work involves the skill of moving cow in a particular pattern or down and up on a fence line. A reined cow horse should learn all those skills and differentiate which action is required when and to take each step carefully. For reined cow horses, performance matters a lot to make it sure that you are providing them with the best supplements for better performance.

Purpose of reined cow horse

As we discussed earlier, the job of a reined cow horse is to separate the cow form herd and show her skills. The primary purpose is to do their job at their best and to win the competitions. Sometimes in competitions like a spade bit, a skilled rider will be seen with the horse to help him in the task completion.

Supplements and recovery

For all performance and athlete horses, it is essential to fulfilling their nutritional needs. Most of the time food we are providing to horses while training for competitions is not enough for their physical fitness and growth. There always need to serve the meal with some extra supplements. Horses get injured in competitions so for their full recovery, essential supplements are necessary. Supplements play a crucial part in boosting up the recovery process and ensure physical stability as well. However, the question is where to find the best supplements for your performance horses.

Try Immuvet supplement collection for reined cow horses

Are you looking up for the best supplements to boost up your horse performance and energy? Try ChondroPower™, Quick Training™, Stop 20 M&PM™ and feel the change in your horse ability in learning new skills and actively playing in competitions. If your horse takes part in competitions then ChondroPower™, Quick Training™ will be the best options to enhance his body functions and muscles development. Both supplements will work together to enhance joint strength. Stop 20 M&PM™ works magically to reduce the inflammation in horses.

Quick Training™

Quick Training

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Quick Training™ is a prime quality enhancer of the organic functions. It works primarily in the circulatory system as well as the respiratory and locomotive functions.

Stop 20 AM&PM®

Stop 20 AM/PM

Presentation: 200ml bottle

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Stop 20 AM&PM™ is a carefully developed product designed to reduce the incidence and severity of Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH), commonly known as Bleeding, in performance horses.

ChondroPower 3000®

Chondropower 3000

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ChondroPower 3000® is a chondroprotective unique formula that helps reduce cartilage degeneration and promote normal healthy joints by increasing the synthesis of synovial fluids to enhance athletic horse’s performance.