Immune System Booster For Horses

In this global world and with the invention of the latest treatments, the disease is spending on a great scale as well. Your horse immune system must be strong whether you use it for your work or just for your likeness. A strong immune system assists in fighting against diseases, infections, and illness. Some infections and diseases are fatal and hard to cure, but a strong immune system will help your horse to fight against them. Here we discuss what things are essential that give a boost to a horse immune system.

Help him to cope with stress:

One important factor that plays a part to disturb your horse immune system disastrously is his stress level. There could be various type of stressors that your horse is going through and affecting his immune system. It may be hard and long training hours, frequent traveling, tough competitions and much more. Not only working horses but also those who stay in your farmhouse will also have chances of getting stress. As a human, horses are unable to tell you that, they are in stress. There can be some signs that a beloved owner can feel like reduced appetite of the horse. These all conditions effects largely on horse immune system. You can help in boosting his immune system by feeding him well, changing his workout and training routine, etc. IMMUVET brings a range of supplements to boost the horse immune system.


Regular vaccine program is crucial in building the strong immune system of your horse. Some horse owner did not consider a regular vaccine their horse as much important. Not just show horses need proper vaccines but your farm horse also in need of regular vaccine to stay strong. One can consult their veteran to examine their horse and recommend vaccines schedule that is essential for their horse good health. If the mother is well vaccinated, the foal will remain safe from many diseases, but there are also some necessary vaccination that is recommended for foal’s health. Always follow the vaccine time and take care of specific intervals to vaccine your foal.

Best feed and supplements:

Sometimes the body lacks in some nutrients that help in building the strong immune system. Some nutrients can be fulfilled with diet, but sometimes you need to give supplements to your horse to fulfill the essential nutrients. If you are deciding to give your horse some nutritional supplements, always choose a best and reliable brand. By providing your horse with good supplements, you will help him to better his immune system.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is necessary because it enhances the working ability of white blood cells in a body to fight against infections and diseases.


Proteins must be a part of the horse diet to build a strong immune system. Proteins enable horse body to produce enzymes and antibodies and help to repair damaged tissues. High source of protein for horse includes soybeans, legumes, and clover.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is important because it prevents from damaging the tissues and organs. Antioxidants that found in vitamin C helps to make electrons highly volatile. Without electrons, free radicals cause mental and physical stress, illness, injuries, joint and muscle inflammation, pollutants and toxins. These electrons match up with the free radicals, help them to neutralize, and make them less harmful.

 Vitamin E:

Some vitamins are special that our body cannot produce them by its own we have to take it from supplements and through food. Vitamin E is one of them. Vitamin E helps to make the immune system stronger and contributes to better muscles and nerve function. This vitamin is essential for growing horses because their body needed it the most. Deficiency of vitamin E weakens the immune system and horse can easily get a cough and cold.

The supplement for horses immune system booster that IMMUVET offers:

IMMUVET is offering the best supplement that is specially designed for horse immune system name Immun-K™.Immun-K™ helps your horse to fight against bacteria’s, viruses, and other infections. It makes the immune system strong to help fight with environmental allergens. It also works to increase the appetite and feed of horse that goes worse due to immune system problems.



Presentation: 200ml bottle

Price: $85.00
U.S. and Canada Pricing. For International Prices, please Contact Us.

Immun-K™ is a special formulation designed to target the immune system. The horse health immune system is designed to protect your equine from invading pathogens is extremely complex. If your horse’s organism functions well, then this whole system works. But, it can easily be compromised by demanding conditions. As a result, your horse can become ill and you will have to call your veterinarian to diagnose and treat it.

It Helps Your Horse:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of the immune system’s ability to defend challenges from viral and bacterial infections.
  • Decrease the effects of exposure to environmental allergens.
  • As an adjuvant to anti-bacterial and anti-viral therapy.
  • Reestablish appetite and levels of feed intake.
  • Reduce the stress created while traveling (Shipping Fever).
  • Improve the coat condition.