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What is IAD?

As its name suggests that IAD is a short form of inflammatory airway disease in horses. Inflammation airway disease is related to respiratory system disease in which the airway passage become allergic. It affects adults as well as horses of young age. In IAD, the mucus in the respiratory system increases that cause difficulty in breathing. Let us take a look deep look at the horse’s respiratory disease.

How one identify a horse with IAD?

A thing to remember is that horses will IAD shows the symptoms hardly, keep eating healthy and remain alert. Airway disease in horses will show the following symptoms.

  • Coughing is the primary symptom without a fever to identify the horse with IAD.
  • Their performance level becomes low, and they did not play well in competitions.
  • One the cough starts it will take a longer time to recover breathing especially when they are doing workouts or traveling long distances.
  • The obvious sign is when you see some nasal discharge from the nose. The discharge could be watery or mild.

How will a veteran predict IAD in a horse?

The first thing that all veteran does while examining some disease in horses in taking the previous history of the disease and physical examination. Sometimes horse master mix IAD with other viruses and bacterial infections, therefore a veteran have to go for some test to diagnose the IAD in horses. The practical way to do this is to insert endoscope in the airway to check whether the mucus is present or not. The other test they can do is lung wash, and the mucus can be taken outside with the help of windpipe. These all test help veteran to diagnose the mucus to find out the treatment and condition.

What treatment should one use to treat IAD?

Various treatment are there that your veteran will refer to your horse according to the severity of inflammatory airway disease.

  • The first method is to treat the airway inflammation. In this method, anti-inflammatory drugs are given to horses by mouth, inject in the body, or inhale by nose sometimes. Horse inhalers are easily available in the market.
  • Another way is decreasing the exposure to components that lead to IAD or can make it severe. For decreasing exposure, regularly clean the barns. While cleaning, keep your horse outside the barn to decrease exposure to dust particles. There is enough ventilation in barns so the horses can breathe easily. At least for an hour keep the door open so the fresh air can move around the barns. Take your horse for small rides into the open environment as well. Change your horse’s lifestyle to decrease the exposure to dust so it may prevent from IAD.
  • There are few other drugs available in the market that help to open up the constricting airways when inhaled through the nose or given orally by mouth to the IAD horses. These drugs are very effective in opening up the horse’s airway, which helps him in maintaining normal breathing.

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Article description:

IAD STANDS FOR inflammatory airway disease. This article will enable the reader to know about the IAD disease, its symptoms, and treatments. Moreover, you will get to know about what is the best supplement for the horse’s respiratory disease.



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