Reducing weaning stress in foals:

Horse’s look after is not so easy because they attacked by multiple diseases same as humans. When it comes to foals the look after is become serious because their body is weak to fight against stress and diseases. So let throw a light on what is weaning stress and how we can reduce it in foals:

What is weaning stress?

Weaning is a process in which the foal who is on mother feed, i.e. Milk since its birth is now transferring on adult horse diet to cut the supply of milk from mother horse. Weaning is so stressful for foals because their body is not adjusted to adult food.

Weaning leads to great stress in foals and disturbs their nutritional, physiological, and cognitive behaviours. The horse master starts weaning the foals at the age of 4 to 5 months.

Types of weaning:

There are two types of weaning:

  • Abrupt weaning:
  • Gradual weaning:

In abrupt weaning, mare and foal are separated, and there is no meet-up. They remain away from each other while Gradual weaning a slow process of separating the foal and mare. In gradual weaning, the mare and the foal meet for a short period to making contact, but this contact never fulfils the foals nutritional demand. Abrupt weaning leads to acute stress in foals.

Ways to reduce weaning stress in foals:

Follow this guide and cut the weaning stress in your foal.

  • Chose the way of weaning:

The first step is to choose between abrupt or gradual weaning. You decide according to your foal condition that which methods suits him the best. Choosing the right strategy will help in reducing weaning stress. Most of the foals are not okay to abrupt weaning to try to follow gradual weaning techniques.

  • A well-known spot:

When you are training, the foal for weaning makes it sure that the place where you kept him is familiar to him. Otherwise, the stress of a new place added up into the weaning stress and makes the foal’s condition more worse.

  • Check health conditions:

A healthy foal will fight well with weaning stress and will be okay in a short time. But if your foals overall health is not good then weaning stress will make it condition and worse or maybe he gets injured. He will emotionally disturb and cut to eat properly.

  • Try to use supplements:

Supplements are excellent and necessary for a foal who is on wean training. Supplements include all those necessary ingredients that help a foal to better its immune system and overall health. On weaning, foals avoid eating due to stress but if you add up extra supplements in their feed, they will more likely to get all essential nutrients — another important thing to visit your veteran before starting supplement and ask if any vaccination is needed for foal’s health.

  • Bring him a partner:

Researches have shown that if you keep more than one foal for weaning in the same place, they will be less likely to affect by weaning stress.

IMMUVET best supplements for WEANING FOALS:

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Weaning Factor™ helps boost immune function, and avoid the slow-down of growth caused by stress during this traumatic stage. At this point the foal’s defense system is severely affected and needs all the help it can get to maintain its overall health condition. Weaning Factor™ is excellent for foals of all breeds, independent of whether you are raising them for personal pleasure or for profit.

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In addition to this more hassle-free weaning process, you will easily notice in your foals that Weaning Factor™ helps regulate these youngsters’ immune system. It is very common to have foals experience diarrheas and respiratory problems after weaning. Weaning Factor™ acts almost as a dual-purpose supplement by helping: ” To prevent disease penetration since the immune system is highly boosted ” The foals to take better advantage of the nutritional factors in their feed A 3-year field study has proved Weaning Factor™ to be inexpensive and highly efficacious at Winding Oaks Farm in Ocala, FL.

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