Team Roping: Supplement for Performance & Recovery

Team roping is a rodeo event and is also called ‘heading and heeling’. It involves a steer and two riders. The first rider is known as the ‘header’ and the ropes the steer from the front, it could either be the horns, neck or nose of the horse. Once the steer is captured by the header, he should use the horse to turn the steer towards the left side. The second rider is known as the ‘heeler’ and he is the one who has to rope the hind feet of the steer after the header has successfully turned the steer to the left side. It is essential to know that it is a mixed gender competition, and both men and women can participate in this competition.


Team roping developed into a sport when some cowboys decided to turn a ranching procedure into a competition several years ago. The procedure involved the cowboys to rope the front and the back of a steer and to stretch it between the horses. However, as time passed by team roping was developed into a competition which included six rodeo events. When the steer is removed from the chute, it is the time when the run would begin.


The arena judge who is usually the flag-man is responsible for calling out the time during this competition. He will be waiting for both the riders to do their tasks that involve turning the horse to the left side so that he is facing the steer. Once this is done the flag-man will single the timekeeper by dropping his flag to note down the time taken by the two riders


Penalties could also be added to the riders’ total time taken. For example, if a team start chasing before the head start time given to the steer, then ten seconds will be added to the team’s total time taken. If the healer has only been able to find one foot of the horse, then five seconds will be added to the team’s total time. If the team misses its target, then no score will be given to them.

How are Supplements a Support for Performance & Recovery?

Supplements can surely be great support for the performance and recovery of horses. It is a well-known fact that horses need to be in a good position to perform well in races and other events. They also tend to get injured during events, which is why they will require certain supplements to recover quickly.

Best Supplements for Team Roping

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