Understanding Hydration & Electrolytes in Horses

The heat from the body of the horse gets removed through sweating. Water, electrolytes or charged minerals are the components of sweat. Understanding hydration and electrolytes in horses is very crucial for the alleviation of thermoregulatory failure or dysfunction. Thermoregulatory failure or dysfunction is get associated with electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.

Heat, exercise intensity, and humidity increase the rate of sweating. Sweat drains a massive amount of potassium, sodium, chloride, and other electrolytes, which increases the requirement of electrolytes. 65 to 70 per cent of the heat in the body of the horse get lost through sweat evaporation. Cellular metabolism produces body heat, which gets increased while exercising muscles. A horse eliminates heat mostly through sweat, but to some extent, they dissipate heat through respiratory avenues. The ability to reduce heat effectively while doing exercise is crucial as it affects their performance. A horse having inadequate electrolyte intake would not only have a limited amount of sweat production but can also result in dehydration. Dehydration can cause some severe complications. That is why it is essential to have the best supplements for horses in your hand to compensate the deficiency of electrolytes.

The electrolyte supplements support the ability of horses to sweat in a way in which the horses remain hydrated properly. There are some of the best supplements for horses available which mimic the excess loss of electrolyte from sweat. In cold weather, horses do not require much of the electrolyte supplement. Because in cold weather there is no humidity or heat which can dehydrate horse. However, horses who exercise in hot climates, especially performance horses, require electrolyte supplements. In warm weather, performance horses lose more water and electrolytes in the form of sweat. Horses who are prone to muscle soreness or tying up also need electrolyte supplements. Electrolytes supplements after post-exercise induce the consumption of water.

Not all of the horses require electrolyte supplements. Performance horses require electrolyte supplements, whereas horses who are not sweating and usually live in good or moderate climate do not need electrolyte supplements. Vitamins for horses are good if they are non-performing horses.

Best Electrolyte Supplements for Horses

Electrolyte supplements can enhance the performance of the horse during hot weather. Dehydration and electrolyte deficiency is a significant problem in performance horses. Immuvet has brought some of the best supplements for horses who are dealing with dehydration and electrolyte deficiency problems. Immun-K™ is specially designed to target the immune system of horses and levels the intake of feed. Stop 20® is the best supplement for performing horses. Stop 20® reestablish the appetite of horse and level the consumption of feed. ChondroPower 3000™ is another unique supplement which enhances the performance of horse during high-intensity exercise. ChondroPower 3000™ is good for the stability of electrolytes in horses.

Quick Training™


Presentation: 200ml bottle

Price: $85.00
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The horse immune system is designed to protect them from invading pathogens is extremely complex. If your horse’s organism functions well, then this whole system works. But, it can easily be compromised by demanding conditions. As a result, your horse can become ill and you will have to call your veterinarian to diagnose and treat it.

Stop 20 AM&PM®

Stop 20 AM/PM

Presentation: 200ml bottle

Price: $170.00
U.S. and Canada Pricing. For International Prices, please Contact Us.

Stop 20 AM&PM™ is a carefully developed product designed to reduce the incidence and severity of Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH), commonly known as Bleeding, in performance horses.

ChondroPower 300®

Chondropower 3000

Presentation: 200ml bottle

Price: $60.00
U.S. and Canada Pricing. For International Prices, please Contact Us.

ChondroPower 3000® is a chondroprotective unique formula that helps reduce cartilage degeneration and promote normal healthy joints by increasing the synthesis of synovial fluids to enhance athletic horse’s performance.