Horse gastric ulcer: Special Care and Nutrition

Horse gastric ulcer special care and nutrition, whether your horse is an athlete horse, performance horse, or a foal they need great care and attention because horses come across deadly disease in their life same as a human. Horse gastric ulcers are one of them. This article will elaborate on what is gastric ulcers, reasons of gastric ulcers in horses, how to prevent it with special care and nutrition and the best supplements to use. Let us have a look at each point so one can predict whether his horse is facing gastric ulcer or not?

What are gastric ulcers in horses and symptoms?

Irritation or inflammation around the stomach line in a horse is known as gastric ulcer. Not just performance horses but the foals due to underlying health conditions can also catch gastric ulcers. It could be changed in his feeding habit, behavior, and sudden weight loss.

Horse stomach is made up of two parts. Ulcers mostly occur in the top part of the stomach because it does not provide much protection from the acid as compared to the top portion the lower portion that is made up of secretes acid and glandular. The bottom part has a protective coating, which gives intense protection from acids effects.

Causes of gastric ulcers:

Following are the causes that lead to gastric ulcers in the horses.

  • If there is some change in his diet or feeding hours. Feeding on proper hours is necessary for a horse to maintain health.
  • Sometimes intense travel and no break for competitions also lead to gastric ulcers.
  • Performance horse on hard and strict training have more chances to develop gastric ulcers with time.
  • Nutrients especially forage, or hay is essential for horses, however, if they are provided with limited forage, it becomes a cause for ulcers.
  • Besides these, stress is also a leading factor causing gastric ulcers in horses.

How to prevent ulcers with good nutrients and care?

  • It is better to provide proper care and good nutrition to prevent ulcers before instead of going for the treatment and putting your horse in trouble.
  • Do not overburden your horse with intense training. Also, do not force them to walk on long distances for traveling purpose.
  • Never bound your horse to live alone in a stable. Let him socialize with the environment and with the other horses.
  • Provide him feed full of necessary nutrients and on proper timings. If you are feeding him in the morning and the evening, then sticks with the schedule.
  • Avoid high starch grains food in his diet.
  • Provide those foods that slow in eating but require enough time to chew and produce more saliva.
  • Horses must be exposed to the grass most of the time because it produces natural saliva that helps in managing acid levels.
  • Feed your horse with alfalfa hay instead of grass hay because it has high levels of protein and calcium.

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