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For a horse owner, sound health of his athlete or performance horse is essential. Without good health, it becomes hard for a person to establish a good connection with his horse and to prepare him for the exercises and tasks. Any physical problem will cut off the enjoyment that a rider and a horse enjoy when they are on performance. Same as, joint health in horses is essential; therefore this article is all about supporting joint health in horses, and we will provide the best supplements for joints in horses.

What is a joint disease in horses?

Many names like osteoarthritis and arthritis are used to call joint disease in horses. The joint disease occurs when due to inflammation, bones and joints of horse start affecting. Sometimes, in severe condition of inflammation, cells, and tissues starting damage, which makes the condition worse. Horse joints contain a thick fluid that protects the health of joints by nourishing the cartilage, hydrostatic stabilization, waste elimination, and lubrication. Degeneration of bones could be cure by reducing the inflammation in joints, going for particular treatments, and using the supplements.

The initial step is to diagnose:

If you observe that your horse is not performing well, the first thing to do is to diagnose the problem and its location. A veteran will examine your horse and tell whether the problem is with one joint or multiple joints are involved in it. They will check your horse health history and his movements.

A veteran will look up for two objectives:

If the horse is facing joint inflammation, the vet will set the two objectives depending on the condition. First is to reduce the symptoms of pain in horse joints, and other is to stop the disease. Local treatment is best to choose because a joint injection works best to better the condition for a specific period. Misconceptions are there with joint injections that they worsen your condition, but this is not the real fact. Joint injections help reduce joint pain and also protects the joints against the inflammation to prevent damage. Another treatment is a systematic treatment that is helpful to treat multiple joints at the same time.

Best supplement for joint in horses:

Instead of making your horse joint disease worst and worst it is important to take the precautionary measures before the time. Every athlete or performance horse master should start giving his horse proper supplements with the daily feed to ensure sound health. However, before giving out the supplements consult your veteran in the first place.

IMMUVET brings the best supplements for joint in horses:

Are you finding difficulty to find out the best supplements for your horse? IMMUVET brings the best products to support joint health in horses. One can easily order supplements through website.

  • The first effective supplement is ChondroPower 3000®. ChondroPower 3000® is manufactured by using a unique formula that helps to maintain the joint health and prevent cartilage for degeneration. It enhances the mobility, function of horse joint, and provide proper strength to your athlete or performance horses. It also repairs the joints if affected by the inflammation.
  • Another supplement is Immun-K™ that protect the immune system and make it stronger. When your horse immune system works effectively, then the whole body will function properly. Stronger immune system prevents environmental allergens from affecting your horse health.

Never prolong the condition of your horse to make it worse that provides more damages.

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The horse immune system is designed to protect them from invading pathogens is extremely complex. If your horse’s organism functions well, then this whole system works. But, it can easily be compromised by demanding conditions. As a result, your horse can become ill and you will have to call your veterinarian to diagnose and treat it.

ChondroPower 300®

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ChondroPower 3000® is a chondroprotective unique formula that helps reduce cartilage degeneration and promote normal healthy joints by increasing the synthesis of synovial fluids to enhance athletic horse’s performance.