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For over 6,000 years, horses have been friends to humankind and it is the responsibility of the veterans to look after their horses. As Reiner Klimke said My horses are my friends, not my slaves. “Soft tissues injuries are common among the horses and the it poses a great threat for the veterans as their horse performance career can be lost due to severe soft tissue injuries. These soft tissues injuries always result in inflammation and the best prevention strategy is maintaining the health of ligament and tendon. Similarly, supplements are needed to improve the strength of the tendon and ligaments and for the fast recovery of these structures. There is a strong evidence that omega 3 fatty acids are very effective to combat inflammation and for the rapid recovery from soft tissue injury. Then there are vitamins and mineral supplements that are equally important and these supplements mainly target the joints, ligaments, cartilage and tendons and improve their strength. In the same manner research has shown that avocado / soy unsaponifiable is extremely helpful to support the cartilage production and typically help in the body ability to fight off articular cartilage breakdown. This avocado/soy unsaponifiable, typically obtained from the lipid portion of avocados and soy. Hyaluronic acid that is typically found in epithelial, neural tissues and synovial fluid (which makes a covering of the joint) is highly involved in the reduction of friction between the cartilages. Hence this hyaluronic acid is very important mineral for the maintenance of joint health. There are certain sources of Hyaluronic acid like cetyl- myristoleate, or methylsulfonylmethane. These sources have proved to be beneficial for the reduction of inflammation and for the increase in the chondrocyte production. Another essential mineral supplement is silicon that is typically required for the synthesis of tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. These all nutrients are available in the form of supplements and they will bring back the joint health in a very short time.” As says Dr. Hill “The vitamins and minerals play a bigger role in the healing process than we realize. Thus, if we provide the adequate nutrition like the omega-3 fatty acids and mainly target that inflammation then it can beneficial for the healing process and the whole horse in general. At Immuvet we have the best supplements to promote rapid recovery after soft tissue injury. One of our amazing products is Quick Training™. It is the purely organic finest quality product typically known to boost up the organismic functions of respiratory, locomotive and as well as circulatory system. It performs following functions • It promotes rapid muscle development, • The overall physical condition of the horse will be increased by using this product. • It is highly effective in the reduction of fatigue and it equally improve strength and endurance. • It maintains the activity of the nervous system at the optimal level. Our next finest quality, prime product is ChondroPower 3000®. It is the best unique formula product that reduces cartilage degeneration and improves the joints health. It is an amazing product that works up on the production of synovial fluid to enhance athletic horse’s is no one choice of veterans. It aids in • Prevention of inflammation and degeneration of cartilage • Delay the degermation process • It Stabilizes the joint by increasing the strength of joint via approaching the cartilage, ligament and tendons. • It helps in the joint repair process after the injury • It reverses the effects of the injury.

Immuvet have the best natural supplements for horses

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